A Shared Perspective


Once upon a time, I thought and felt that Masonic recognition in the United States was a good thing that would pull Freemasons together in a spirit of better cooperation toward common goals.

I felt that way until 2005, and from then until now I see that what has actually revealed itself is a hierarchy of Masonic leadership that subjugates and oppresses the membership of the many independent Grand Lodges. That essentially amounts to aristocratic leadership in both organizations controlling the masses that are often too ignorant to critically, logically or rationally THINK.

A number of events have taken place over the years that I have made note of, and I want to share one of those theories with you now.

I have noticed that some (not all) Prince Hall leadership is often colluding with or controlled by mainstream leadership, a fact often unknown by much of the membership of the Prince Hall Grand Lodges. This collusion has taken place on several occasions, but really went into effect in 1944, and has been in effect ever since… which is the importance of Albert Mackey’s written paper titled “Reading Mason’s and Mason’s who don’t Read”.


I have slowly pieced together a theory that says PHA leadership gets into place, and stays in place due to collusion with mainstream puppetmasters, many of whom do not want recognition, but recognition is politically expedient and politically correct to maintain ones tax-exempt status. Why does tax-exempt status take such a high precedence for an organization that stresses it charitable nature and intents?

I have seen that in many (not all) cases, mainstream leaders are put in place provided they adhere to the established agenda of control, whatever that agenda may be that suits the purposes of their puppetmaster, in addition to the greater agenda that must be the ‘true secret’ that many of us are unqualified to know; if you listen to and believe the conspiracy theorists.

If it were up to certain leaders (both mainstream and Prince Hall), there would be in place the same “separate and unequal” (and unrecognized) relationship between Grand Lodges in the United States that there was from the beginning with Prince Hall and 14 others of African Lodge up until about 1988. 

Research (genealogical and masonic) has shown that the aspired for original intent of Freemasonry among men of color in America was to assist in uplifting the oppressed and degraded condition many Blacks had been subjected to, and that was the way it worked until roughly 1847 when it began to decline. Freemasonry was and is about equality, an equality that still doesn’t truly exist in this modern time we are supposedly in. Do some study of the past and present events, and you may arrive at a similar conclusion as I have.

My take on it at this point is simply follow the money, and watch where it goes and whose pockets it may be going into… so many of you Masons are too consumed with titles, degrees and fake gold plated collars and trinkets to pay attention to anything else actually going on around you, or to have actually learned anything from the lessons taught you through the many degrees you have been rushed through only to know absolutely nothing about the Moral Law or moral conduct.

The rest of you wannabe Mason’s are quick to impose adherence to a standard of conduct on any individual that is capable of free thought, yet you yourselves don’t adhere to it. Sounds like hypocrisy and a double-standard to me personally, the same bullshit we get from the American legal system and the aristocratic leaders placed into government that don’t serve the public good but only the monied interests.

It would appear that many of you like being controlled, told what to do, how to think, and to make certain that you never question those in authority… or to be more accurate, find out whom (or what) you cannot criticize, then you will really know who is running the show.

In my upcoming books, I will go into much greater detail of events and analysis of the psychological game of control that has been played and used to manipulate while adding in historical and genealogical research to back up my hypothesis.

In parting, I will leave you with a quote by another writer… 

“American Freemasonry is essentially a well-orchestrated hoax and a Ponzi scheme” – Author Brent Paris (I agree with this view)

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2 thoughts on “A Shared Perspective

  1. Thank you Brother Walters for daring to speak out what is true.
    It has always been an interesting aspect of human nature that I have observed where people pay money to an organization (whether it be churches, Masonic lodges, or Home owners associations) and then allow the organizations supported with an individual’s OWN money to control their every thought, word, or move!
    We should be proud of our individuality and our own creative and analytical minds, and we should be careful of groups that are all to willing to snuff individuality out.

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