I AM a man of faith, prayer and my word. I fear nothing but God, will bow to no man, nor will I worship any graven image. While I AM a man of authority, I AM also under authority.

I AM an ardent proponent of social justice and equality for ALL people.

I AM an active supporter of education and learning, believing that one can never know too much and that ALL should avail themselves of study in different areas. [Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, Arithmetic, Geometry, Music and Astronomy]

Outside of my faith, my family is the most important thing to me. {Sadly, I have learned in this life that though people may be your family, it doesn’t mean that they are family oriented}

I AM a Writer, Genealogical/ Historical & Masonic Researcher, and Lecturer who holds or held membership in the following groups or organizations:

Fraternal Affiliations:

St Catherine Council No 4590 Knights of Columbus

Commodore Jack Barry Assembly No 802 Knights of Columbus (4th Degree)

Internet Lodge No. 9659 Manchester, United Kingdom
(United Grand Lodge of England)

Masonic Research Organizations:

The Phylaxis Society, Fellow of the Phylaxis Society- Honorary
The Philalethes Society, Member of the Philalethes Society
Scottish Rite Research Society
The Masonic Society
Ohio Lodge of Research – Fellow and Life Member
Dormer Masonic Study Circle
Australia New Zealand Masonic Research Council

Genealogical & Historical Societies:

West Virginia Genealogical Society
Ohio Genealogical Society
Jefferson County, OH Chapter of the OGS
Fostoria Glass Society of America


Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels

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