The Importance of Balance & Ethics

The Importance of Balance and Ethics


Br. Raymond Sean Walters, FPSH

The Phylaxis Society – Ohio Lodge of Research

One of the first lessons conveyed to us when we are made Mason is the equality of all masons and that of maintaining and keeping balance in our worldly, physical, and spiritual lives, demonstrated by how to properly use a 24 inch gauge symbolically.

Over these many years I have noticed a number of situations within the Masonic world that stray so far from the aforementioned teachings that it is highly doubtful that any attempt at applying these simple lessons was ever made.

Author Caroline Myss summed up my thoughts rather nicely in connection with this writing:

“Humans are, by nature, a species that seeks law and order. We easily fall under the sway of people who project authority and seek control. Yet many people misuse power to control rather than support others.” Anatomy of the Spirit, Chap 2- The Second Chakra page 159, middle

Freemasonry is described as a system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols. Along with these, Freemasonry has what could be considered an ethical code for its adherents. Ethics hold enormous bonding power. This ethical code produces what the military would refer to as unit cohesion, and it is incumbent of any leader to honor that code, rule justly and fair to uphold equality among the members and keep balance within the group or tribe. As I previously referenced in earlier papers, humanity is a collection of tribes.

By failing to adhere to the ethical code, and one’s own moral code, there is not only an imbalance but outright confusion and chaos will often be the result.

The appetite for power can become an addiction that creates imbalance in the leader and the organization he or she strives to lead. By losing sight of the teachings regarding equality, balance and love, great harm can befall the organization due to imbalance within the leader and members. The pursuit of positions and/ or titles can be of great detriment by distracting members and leaders away from the ethical code they are expected to adhere to and live by.

I cannot help but wonder if getting back to the basics would serve a greater good within this fraternal group I care so much about?


Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing by Caroline Myss, PhD

The Intimate Lodge by John B. Williams, FPS  http://thephylaxis.org/williams/intimate.php

Masonic Survival by John B. Williams, FPS  http://thephylaxis.org/williams/survival.php

Masonic Growth by John B. Williams, FPS  http://thephylaxis.org/williams/growth.php

More Light- A Ritual of the Three Symbolic Degrees by HW Sanders

Duncan’s Masonic Ritual and Monitor of Freemasonry by Malcolm C. Duncan

Richardson’s Monitor of Freemasonry by Jabez Richardson

The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall

The Facts on the Masonic Lodge by John Ankerberg, John Weldon and Dillon Burroughs

Leadership Is An Art by Max DePree

Communicating Effectively (Fifth Edition) by Saundra Hybels and Richard L. Weaver II

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A Masonic Thought March 16, 2016

This post is specifically for my Brothers…(I tagged a few of you to get the message out)

Being a MASON requires much more than paying dues & carrying a membership card… it requires a transformation of the individual to grow intellectually and spiritually… as a profane, we were all at first chakra. As Freemasons we are striving to reach sixth chakra, (enlightening the mind), and seventh chakra, (our spiritual connector).

Keep your vanity and ego in check!


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Two Scenarios

Raymond Sean Walters Says:

March 16, 2016 at 3:46 pm
I must concur with your statement. I tired of being part of an apostate system that purposely deceived parishioners, and I made a decision to “depart the franchise”… I look at the current state of houses of religious worship as franchises (akin to fast food restaurants), with all of them claiming to be able to build a better Christian while fleecing the membership and lying to the world.

After asking too many questions, and pissing off enough church leaders, I was effectively pushed out of the way for seeking to teach truth in hopes of awakening people’s minds so that they could free themselves from the bondage they were in by following these false teachers of false systems or worship.

Since making that decision to depart what I disapproved of in 2007, I have remained in solitude and continued to study. I can never fully explain to anyone how great it feels as you grow in understanding and no longer have blinders on, the blinders that the modern church seeks to keep on its membership who are so unwilling to study for themselves.

I have followed you and some others in ministry for some time, and appreciate your efforts and sharing of truth.

Thank you so much for doing that Brother.

Raymond Sean Walters, OSL
Departed From the Franchise


Bold Proclaimer

Two Scenaios
by Ronald W. Robey

Two scenarios:

Scenario A: Man enters your place of business and says harm will befall your family if you do not give him a percentage of your weekly profits.
Scenario B: Man stands behind a pulpit in Church and says harm will befall your family if you do not give the Church ten percent of your every paycheck.

The fact is, if the members of the Church would take the time to open their Bibles at home, and study every Scripture, every verse, that has anything to do with tithing, one would find that God’s commanded tithe

a) was agricultural (Lev. 27:30-33)
b) was required of the Children of Israel (Lev.27:34)
c) was not to be observed in any geographical location other than the land of Canaan (Deut. 6:1-3; 12:1,10-11
d) was to be given to Levites, widows, orphans and strangers in Canaan (Num…

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My Amazon Review of The Facts on the Masonic Lodge by John Ankerberg

The Facts on the Masonic Lodge by John Ankerberg


Customer Reviews

By Raymond Sean Walters on June 12, 2014
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
This book is clearly biased, and factually incorrect. The anti-masonic views expressed are based on incorrect understanding of multiple subject areas, which is part of the false teachings Mr. Ankerberg bases his religious views on.

It should be read by Freemasons for the purpose of knowing the negative outlook pushed onto the fraternity.

March 13, 2016 addendum

I have had time to read & re-read this writing. I still view it as highly biased and misinformed, but there are some premises that are partially correct. I find it baffling for anyone to criticize anything they are not part of, or have no real knowledge of.

The one statement in this book I can agree with Mr. Ankerberg on is that anything one places ahead of their faith becomes an idolatrous god of sorts.

Another Masonic writer named Antonio Caffey (of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Ohio) wrote a paper titled “When Masonry Becomes the Other Woman” which hit on a parallel explanation of Masonic membership dominating one’s life in such a manner that other aspects are placed on a backburner or neglected.

Freemasonry is a classic example of first chakra energy and tribal mindset, both of which are controlling in nature (read Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss, PhD)

I have come to see Freemasonry (and its leadership) as equally evil & controlling as the church in a number of ways, but that opinion and view is based on personal experience, not what I heard from someone else.

I was once again questioned just today by a bishop about my Masonic membership & involvement. One reason why I broke away from mainline denominations was persecution from church leadership and church folks who don’t read, study, nor understand the writings of the faith they claim to practice, yet are too quick to condemn others over matters they do not understand and have not studied at all.

Though I have often been a vocal critic of American Freemasonry as a system that doesn’t deliver what it promises to its initiates, and the outright hypocrisy of some of its membership/ leadership, one must take personal responsibility for one’s choices, and should do what one can to help improve any situation, not just criticize it.

I have been working on a research paper that uses this book as a primary source. That completed paper will be found at “A Masonic Memoir: Perspectives of a Master Mason” once it is completed.


King Hiram: The Masonic Chief Architect from Crete by Moe Bedard of Gnostic Warrior

This writing takes students places they need to get to, but many of the current schools of esoteric study won’t get them headed in a proper direction or destination.

That system failure I have observed is often due to inadequate instruction, with instructors who are well versed in teaching the Masonic or other esoteric systems in such short supply today that it should be considered a travesty that matters have been permitted to erode and deteriorate the way that they have.

Please remember that there are 7 liberal arts & sciences. We as Freemasons are encouraged to study them all, and in that study it should eventually become apparent to any student of Freemasonry how they inter-connect and interrelate.

Also remember that advancement in Freemasonry, just as in life should be on true merit, not seniority or favoritism. As Freemasons we are to work diligently, learning and perfecting our “craft”, showing ourselves qualified for advancement, that peculiar mark of distinction bestowed upon us by the Craft.

I sincerely hope that you will all enjoy this writing by Bro. Moe Bedard of Gnostic Warrior.



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Back to work, break is over!

Well, it is time to resume work on some Masonic related research that I took a summer break from.

Along with the Masonic research, I do genealogy and history on the subjects I AM studying to get an overview and feel for them as an individual. That always turns out interesting.

Reading those proceedings from Grand Lodges (or fraternal groups) can turn out to be informative as well as be a very good indicator of societal conditions of the time period. Investigating other fraternal groups can tell much about what was going on in a given community, and who was doing it.

West Virginia is/ has been interesting to study, as are the areas along the borders of adjoining states such as Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland & Virginia.

I will resume making posts starting November 2015


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The State of Freemasonry in America (as I see it)

I will begin this writing by stating that I share my opinions regardless of whom may not agree with them. In fact, no one ever has to agree, and I am always open to other points of view on any given topic.

What I can state is that my thoughts or opinions are always based on what I have experienced, seen and observed personally in my travels throughout the United States and in foreign countries I have been able to travel to.

I have been involved in Masonic related research since 1994. Since 1994 I have read a considerable amount of material that applied to Freemasonry in general, Freemasonry in America, and specifically Prince Hall Freemasonry and the attitudes by mainstream or regular Freemasonry toward Prince Hall, Black Freemasons, and Blacks in general.

A few years ago, there was an incident concerning a PGM Frank Haas of the Grand Lodge of West Virginia and his progressive views about Freemasonry and some of its antiquated regulations that many would consider outdated in this modern world we now live in.

Since that time, I have made it a priority research project to delve into the state of Freemasonry in West Virginia since the formation of Grand Lodge of West Virginia in 1863.

The grand finale of my thoughts this evening, is that the current state of things is not how things always were. One of the skills I acquired since 1994 that related to Masonic research was genealogical and historical research.

My genealogical research has helped me to identify free Black men who held membership in Grand Lodge of West Virginia from 1863 thru 1910, and some of these men held membership in Grand Lodge of Virginia prior to 1863 when West Virginia had become a separate state and had its own Grand Lodge.

What I have uncovered has been somewhat surprising. Starting in 1863, the make up of membership of Grand Lodge of West Virginia actually consisted of white men (which we would expect), but also Black men (who were free men of color). West Virginia came to life as a state over disagreement regarding the issue of slavery, and separated itself from Virginia to form a new state, and new Grand Lodge of Freemasons.

Beginning about 1910, the Black men start disappearing from the rolls of Grand Lodge of West Virginia. There were a number of things that started changing nationally, and open-minded acceptance of Blacks as members of “regular” Masonic lodges was something that began to change significantly during that time period.

I stated that some of my findings were surprising based on the views currently expressed over the last 10 years specifically, but going as far back as 1910 in my reading of the Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of West Virginia from 1863 through 2003.

In the past 10 years there have been views expressed by members of Grand Lodge of West Virginia that Black men have no legitimate claim to hold Masonic membership, are not recognized as Freemasons nor allowed visitation, even when holding membership in Grand Lodges that West Virginia is in amity with. Mind you, all of this is still going on in 2015 as I type these words this evening.

I have hit my word count in this writing, but will be back to elaborate more on this and the other topics previously mentioned by this writer.


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A Shared Perspective


Once upon a time, I thought and felt that Masonic recognition in the United States was a good thing that would pull Freemasons together in a spirit of better cooperation toward common goals.

I felt that way until 2005, and from then until now I see that what has actually revealed itself is a hierarchy of Masonic leadership that subjugates and oppresses the membership of the many independent Grand Lodges. That essentially amounts to aristocratic leadership in both organizations controlling the masses that are often too ignorant to critically, logically or rationally THINK.

A number of events have taken place over the years that I have made note of, and I want to share one of those theories with you now.

I have noticed that some (not all) Prince Hall leadership is often colluding with or controlled by mainstream leadership, a fact often unknown by much of the membership of the Prince Hall Grand Lodges. This collusion has taken place on several occasions, but really went into effect in 1944, and has been in effect ever since… which is the importance of Albert Mackey’s written paper titled “Reading Mason’s and Mason’s who don’t Read”.


I have slowly pieced together a theory that says PHA leadership gets into place, and stays in place due to collusion with mainstream puppetmasters, many of whom do not want recognition, but recognition is politically expedient and politically correct to maintain ones tax-exempt status. Why does tax-exempt status take such a high precedence for an organization that stresses it charitable nature and intents?

I have seen that in many (not all) cases, mainstream leaders are put in place provided they adhere to the established agenda of control, whatever that agenda may be that suits the purposes of their puppetmaster, in addition to the greater agenda that must be the ‘true secret’ that many of us are unqualified to know; if you listen to and believe the conspiracy theorists.

If it were up to certain leaders (both mainstream and Prince Hall), there would be in place the same “separate and unequal” (and unrecognized) relationship between Grand Lodges in the United States that there was from the beginning with Prince Hall and 14 others of African Lodge up until about 1988. 

Research (genealogical and masonic) has shown that the aspired for original intent of Freemasonry among men of color in America was to assist in uplifting the oppressed and degraded condition many Blacks had been subjected to, and that was the way it worked until roughly 1847 when it began to decline. Freemasonry was and is about equality, an equality that still doesn’t truly exist in this modern time we are supposedly in. Do some study of the past and present events, and you may arrive at a similar conclusion as I have.

My take on it at this point is simply follow the money, and watch where it goes and whose pockets it may be going into… so many of you Masons are too consumed with titles, degrees and fake gold plated collars and trinkets to pay attention to anything else actually going on around you, or to have actually learned anything from the lessons taught you through the many degrees you have been rushed through only to know absolutely nothing about the Moral Law or moral conduct.

The rest of you wannabe Mason’s are quick to impose adherence to a standard of conduct on any individual that is capable of free thought, yet you yourselves don’t adhere to it. Sounds like hypocrisy and a double-standard to me personally, the same bullshit we get from the American legal system and the aristocratic leaders placed into government that don’t serve the public good but only the monied interests.

It would appear that many of you like being controlled, told what to do, how to think, and to make certain that you never question those in authority… or to be more accurate, find out whom (or what) you cannot criticize, then you will really know who is running the show.

In my upcoming books, I will go into much greater detail of events and analysis of the psychological game of control that has been played and used to manipulate while adding in historical and genealogical research to back up my hypothesis.

In parting, I will leave you with a quote by another writer… 

“American Freemasonry is essentially a well-orchestrated hoax and a Ponzi scheme” – Author Brent Paris (I agree with this view)

#AMasonicMemoir #PerspectivesOfAMasterMason


Importance of Genealogical and Masonic Research

As a member of The Phylaxis Society I began to have a greater understanding of the importance of research into Prince Hall Freemasonry, and later came to have better appreciation for genealogical and historical research relating to Blacks in America; before, during and after Emancipation.

I have had the privilege to conduct research on many Black persons that made contributions large and small. A number of stories I have read and researched dealt with Blacks in pivotal moments in American history that served as soldiers for a country that often did not like them let alone love them and respect their rights as human beings, and certainly not as citizens.

The Civil War Era became of greater interest to me after I discovered that an ancestor had served in the Civil War, participating in three major battles of that war, a conflict that in reality solved none of the political or moral issues of the time period.

What has come of my research activities is my understanding that these stories (and others) need to be told by people who can tell them best, and have a sincere interest in telling the actual story; not a whitewashed version of the events to appeal to false delusions in certain people’s minds.

I AM descended from a family that has been long connected to Freemasonry in America. For us, Freemasonry has been and still is a way of life. The Moral Law and its implications have meaning and should not be subject to compromise, and attempts to force people to conform to that which violates the Moral Law can lead us into some of the issues we have today in Freemasonry and the society we all live in.

I myself haven’t been pleased, and can only try to imagine what thoughts they may have to share on the abuse of authority by elected Masonic leaders that has become too commonplace in our Fraternity. Similar abuse is often exhibited by our elected leadership in our towns, cities, states and even at the national level.

As I have watched the events that have gone on around me in Freemasonry and the world at large, I cannot help but wonder how my ancestors, and those Freemasons from the past would view what the Masonic Order (and our society) has turned into and become.

I will be visiting upon specific examples in future blog posts leading into publication and release of my upcoming books and research papers.


A Brief Lesson in Integrity

For those who don’t know me, I first entered the world of Masonic research in 1994 after joining The Phylaxis Society. I later began genealogical research in 2000 during one of the many research papers I have written over the years.

What started out as a research paper of the symbolism of the Queen of the South degree for the Order of the Eastern Star eventually turned into a reworked explanation of the symbolism of every degree in the OES system including updated and expanded Christian explanations, along with symbolism from more ancient civilizations and belief systems.

By August 2006, I had completed a rough draft and scheduled a meeting with Macoy Publishing & Masonic Supply in Richmond, Virginia. I sat down at a table with a Mr. John Emery, whom I was told was the owner of Macoy. I was also informed he was a Masonic Brother, but I refuse to address him as such, and you will understand why as you continue to read on…

As I discussed my written work and some marketing ideas related to that work, he appeared to listen but didn’t seem interested in much of what I was saying. He was especially critical of my idea of selling the book as a complete work containing all of the OES degrees, as Macoy owned the publishing and copyright of Macoy’s Adoptive Rite OES Ritual and other related works.

Mr. Emery was even more disparaging of my idea of selling what would amount to be a small pamphlet of each individual degree in the OES system for those sisters that may only wish to purchase one specific degree.

That meeting ended, and in my opinion did not go well for me or my project. What did go well was Macoy Publishing’s next catalog that not only contained the OES Ritual normally carried and made available for sale in their catalog, but individual booklets of single degrees, something that Macoy Publishing hadn’t done in the years I had been receiving their catalogs.

I learned a valuable lesson from that meeting, and many other meetings over the years.

I have been asked many times why I AM such a serious-minded but anal jackass when it comes to business contracts, copyright and publishing as relates to my written work and intellectual property?

I trust that the short story I just shared with you all helps give insight and answers to that question.

#PerspectivesofaMasterMason #AMasonicMemoir

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