Importance of Genealogical and Masonic Research

As a member of The Phylaxis Society I began to have a greater understanding of the importance of research into Prince Hall Freemasonry, and later came to have better appreciation for genealogical and historical research relating to Blacks in America; before, during and after Emancipation.

I have had the privilege to conduct research on many Black persons that made contributions large and small. A number of stories I have read and researched dealt with Blacks in pivotal moments in American history that served as soldiers for a country that often did not like them let alone love them and respect their rights as human beings, and certainly not as citizens.

The Civil War Era became of greater interest to me after I discovered that an ancestor had served in the Civil War, participating in three major battles of that war, a conflict that in reality solved none of the political or moral issues of the time period.

What has come of my research activities is my understanding that these stories (and others) need to be told by people who can tell them best, and have a sincere interest in telling the actual story; not a whitewashed version of the events to appeal to false delusions in certain people’s minds.

I AM descended from a family that has been long connected to Freemasonry in America. For us, Freemasonry has been and still is a way of life. The Moral Law and its implications have meaning and should not be subject to compromise, and attempts to force people to conform to that which violates the Moral Law can lead us into some of the issues we have today in Freemasonry and the society we all live in.

I myself haven’t been pleased, and can only try to imagine what thoughts they may have to share on the abuse of authority by elected Masonic leaders that has become too commonplace in our Fraternity. Similar abuse is often exhibited by our elected leadership in our towns, cities, states and even at the national level.

As I have watched the events that have gone on around me in Freemasonry and the world at large, I cannot help but wonder how my ancestors, and those Freemasons from the past would view what the Masonic Order (and our society) has turned into and become.

I will be visiting upon specific examples in future blog posts leading into publication and release of my upcoming books and research papers.


3 thoughts on “Importance of Genealogical and Masonic Research

  1. Jack Harley, PM says:

    Be careful to not paint with too broad a brush. There are many good men who see a man for what he is made of. It has become far to easy to insult an entire race because a few bigots have big mouths.

    Both ways.

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  2. Raymond Sean Walters says:

    I wasn’t aware that I was painting with any kind of brush. I do however state facts for what they are, and no one can negate what my actual experience during my journey was, is, and still tends to be even now.

    One thing I have noticed is the tendency to bring worldly behavior into the oblong square, which means the same societal double standards that have been used to oppress a person or a group are used without impunity in fraternal, social or civic organizations.

    Freemasonry tends to elect and select men into positions that have NO business being in a Masonic Lodge. My opinion, and I will alter or adjust as needs be based on evidence, facts or individual interactions.

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