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Maintain your Integrity

I don’t get much positive feedback, and have a long line of critics that feel justified in dictating to me how I should conduct myself, how I should feel about mistreatment I have personally experienced or observed firsthand, and even what I should write and how I should write it.

That for me is hypocrisy at it’s finest, because everyone has a mirror in their home that doesn’t mean that every person may be able to see their own reflection looking back at them. Perhaps these critics should start with looking in that mirror first, and ensuring the reflection looking back is striving to do the best.

I found Dr. Watkins thoughts on this relevant to my own observations about race & ethnicity, and how those have been controlled legally, socially and economically.

As a researcher of genealogy, history, and the role that Freemasonry and other fraternal organizations have played within American society I have verified many perceptions I have been taught as lessons by parents/grandparents or personally experienced in my interactions on a personal level.

In a phone conference a few days ago, it has become known to non-masons that I AM not nor will I be a self-appointed cheerleader of American Freemasonry or its woefully ineffective leadership in mainstream or Prince Hall Grand Lodges.

For any who would hold the view that I should keep my mouth shut and my opinion to myself, you fail to realize that throughout all the personal grief I have suffered and persevered through as a member of both aforementioned groups, I have earned the right as a MAN & Freemason to not only form an opinion, to not only have an opinion, but to express that opinion!

For those who incorrectly assumed I would simply be a “yes” man based on their own misperceptions, please be aware I have become more anti-establishment as I have matured.

In a parallel to Dr. Watkins comments in this video about Ben Affleck, it is the continuation of lies through cover-ups that hinders people and their relationships with others from being the most fulfilling and truthful they can be.

With all of this being said, I see that the uncovering of truth through research is what I enjoy the most. There have been too many lies for too long.

As an example of lies, I have noticed attempts to dissuade or cover-up information by persons connected to mainstream genealogy groups, and I belong to a couple of those such groups. I stay away from being overly involved so as not to have my personal integrity questioned regarding my own research and its results.

In keeping in line with that theme, I recently affiliated with the House of Ancestry Genealogy and Research group as a consultant on fraternal related matters but will most assuredly continue to maintain my own independence as a genealogical and Masonic researcher.

It will be a good fit due to my primary interest as a Masonic researcher who has a primary focus on the study Prince Hall Freemasonry, the Black community and what that experience in American society has been, and often still is.

In parting, you can find me online or by email at

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