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Coming Full Circle

For the last 11 years I have served as a supply pastor to a number of churches across multiple denominations. I presently serve as supply to 3 churches, all of which are in decline and near death.

The heyday of activity, growth and active worship programs are nonexistent at this point. It would seem that these churches have come full circle. With any beginning there must be an ending… some endings should be viewed as transitions.

One church was started prior to the Civil War (1862), and has been in decline since the late 1970’s after failed economic policies affected the local industry that the membership of those bodies were employed at.

For those who may be wondering why I started this post about churches is that I wanted to make a simple comparison that readers could understand when I get to the primary topic I wanted to address, which is the closure of Masonic lodges that barely stay alive or afloat…

Similar to the churches I mentioned, I have also witnessed numerous Masonic lodges hanging on long after their season was over.

Sentimental attachment isn’t enough to correct longstanding issues affecting the business/ financial operation of a company, a church, nor a fraternal group. Folks need to wake up!

In my regional area, churches and masonic lodges have been spiraling downward just like many of the communities have. Could any of this have been avoided? Possibly… but my own experience having grown up in this region showed me many years ago that lack of forward thinkers or long-term planners can have devastating effect in future years.

As the title states, coming full circle is something that will inevitably happen…


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