The Importance of Balance & Ethics

The Importance of Balance and Ethics


Br. Raymond Sean Walters, FPSH

The Phylaxis Society – Ohio Lodge of Research

One of the first lessons conveyed to us when we are made Mason is the equality of all masons and that of maintaining and keeping balance in our worldly, physical, and spiritual lives, demonstrated by how to properly use a 24 inch gauge symbolically.

Over these many years I have noticed a number of situations within the Masonic world that stray so far from the aforementioned teachings that it is highly doubtful that any attempt at applying these simple lessons was ever made.

Author Caroline Myss summed up my thoughts rather nicely in connection with this writing:

“Humans are, by nature, a species that seeks law and order. We easily fall under the sway of people who project authority and seek control. Yet many people misuse power to control rather than support others.” Anatomy of the Spirit, Chap 2- The Second Chakra page 159, middle

Freemasonry is described as a system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols. Along with these, Freemasonry has what could be considered an ethical code for its adherents. Ethics hold enormous bonding power. This ethical code produces what the military would refer to as unit cohesion, and it is incumbent of any leader to honor that code, rule justly and fair to uphold equality among the members and keep balance within the group or tribe. As I previously referenced in earlier papers, humanity is a collection of tribes.

By failing to adhere to the ethical code, and one’s own moral code, there is not only an imbalance but outright confusion and chaos will often be the result.

The appetite for power can become an addiction that creates imbalance in the leader and the organization he or she strives to lead. By losing sight of the teachings regarding equality, balance and love, great harm can befall the organization due to imbalance within the leader and members. The pursuit of positions and/ or titles can be of great detriment by distracting members and leaders away from the ethical code they are expected to adhere to and live by.

I cannot help but wonder if getting back to the basics would serve a greater good within this fraternal group I care so much about?


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One thought on “The Importance of Balance & Ethics

  1. This is great Bro. Walters! The topic is on time because I have experienced the same and the only emphasis placed upon you as a new member and existing member is the financial responsibility to our Grand Bodies. The moral teaching and covenant are mere ceremonial and recital speeches.

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