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Book Titles Decided

I have been working on a number of writings in varied subject areas, as well as working on two books.


A decision has been made on the two current book projects and what their titles will be.


The first book will be titled “Perspectives of a Master Mason”, and the second book will be titled “A Masonic Memoir: The Creation, Journey and Death of a Freemason”.


For any who have followed my blog postings over the years, I will discuss the good, bad and ugly of Freemasonry while offering my personal perspectives gained during my travels as a member of that fraternal organization. I will also discuss how masonic teachings inter-relate, can be applied to, or are in stark opposition to societal rules and norms.


I also plan to compare various systems of astrological, esoteric, Gnostic, Kabbalah and Sufi studies and make effort to show the interconnections of them all.


I will post again as I become closer to a finished product with further information about release dates.


© 2016 Raymond Sean Walters™

© 2016 Perspectives Of A Master Mason™

© 2016  A Masonic Memoir: The Creation, Journey and Death of a Freemason™

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