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Masonic Brotherhood, or Masonic Treachery?

This post is intended to be a recap of sorts, on some past matters and improper conduct by those calling themselves Freemason, and to touch upon some new matters since I last touched upon some of the distasteful issues I have had to contend with from others claiming the title Freemason in my other blog on Blogspot.


For those who have followed me, and for those who may be new to following my postings, life can be interesting. Though I AM often seen as or considered to have a stoic personality, I do have an irregular sense of humor that I use from time to time though many typically don’t find my comments amusing since they often cut better than I usually intend. Words are powerful, and words can cut better (and deeper) than we may ever imagine, especially when they are true.


I originally joined Freemasonry out of an initial respect for the organization and its principles, what little I knew of them at the time. My introduction to the real world of Freemasonry has been drastically different than I, or most of you would imagine the real truth to be about an organization with such lofty and noble purposes as Freemasonry reports to the general public, and to those whom are duped into membership expect for them to be based on those publicly lauded purposes.


I intend to express my displeasure with the American branches of Freemasonry specifically, since I can comment from personal experience, having experienced some good, and a whole lot of bad from American Freemasonry within Prince Hall & Regular (i.e. Caucasian) Grand Lodges, appendant and concordant bodies over the last 25 years of membership.


I would suggest that if one has a weak constitution, you may wish to STOP reading at this point in this writing, it won’t be palatable. It also will not contain lies or any amount of sugar-coating.


Apparently, at some point, some of us whom are Freemasons were led to believe that inappropriate worldly behavior is acceptable inside a Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons.


Some of you have been erroneously led to believe that racism, sexism, homophobia, womanizing or walking around with some false sense of superiority over those who are NOT Freemasons, or are Freemasons whom happen to look different, have a different color skin, unusual sounding surname, don’t attend the right church, don’t belong to an animal lodge (Elks, Moose, Eagles), or follow another religious or spiritual faith as being inadequate to hold Masonic membership in America.


I have asked myself where does this self-righteous arrogance come from? I have asked this more than once over 25 years. It has been so ingrained in the social fabric of this society that many of you are too obtuse to understand, or are not being honest with yourselves.


I suspect that my historical, genealogical and Masonic research has helped me arrive at some reasonable conclusions based on the evidence uncovered in my research over the last few years.


Now, I don’t intend to get into that research in this writing, it is reasonable to expect that I will get into the conclusions at length in my upcoming writings, which is the purpose of this blog that is leading into the release of that work.


What I can say is that it does not present a pretty picture, but it shows that there is reason to be optimistic. Optimism in that more progress has been made in the last 25 years within American Freemasonry concerning recognition between two Grand Lodges in America that in reality and theory should never have been divided over the issues that divided them from the beginning.


Though there has been progress, some of it isn’t real progress but treachery disguised as progress for selfish gain, political correctness, or tax advantages only while the improper behavior still remains an underlying issue that sprouts its ugly head when needed, or when least expected.


There is also the matter of cowards who refuse to stand up to immoral behavior and those of questionable morals that lack integrity having been continuously permitted membership in an organization that has the single largest voting block in America if they were simply unified in purpose and made better effort to live up to the teachings and lessons of the fraternal organization that they all belong to.


Sadly, that is NOT what we have nor what I have seen and experienced for 25 years. I have observed conduct that has caused me to seriously reflect on my own membership, and actively weigh whether I should remain a member.


Now, before one of you makes comment or assumes that I AM just some disgruntled member, or a poor ritualist who was passed over for a position in lodge or some related Masonic body, I will ask you to pause before your mouth (or keystrokes) write a check your ass cannot cash. I don’t play games with anyone, will NOT be disrespected personally, and do NOT play games about my Masonic membership.


Titles and positions have never impressed me, yet I have held many positions, both appointed and elected in several Masonic bodies or Grand Lodges.


I have had the pleasure to teach and instruct candidates on numerous occasions (and still do), lecture in many lodges and had the honor of having presided as Master in a few of those.


With that being said, I will now comment on worldly behavior being permitted to be brought into the oblong square, the one place we obligated ourselves to never bring that type of behavior… remember?


See, the biggest issue I have been having these last 15 years specifically is the lack of respect: lack of respect for others; lack of respect for ones lodge; the regulations that many of you freely took yet violate daily; the effort spent at circumventing those regulations; the lack of integrity many of you exhibit; and the fact that a lot of you forgot that advancement in Freemasonry is based on true merit — not seniority simply because one has been there longer, or because you don’t feel someone who is different should not be acknowledged as having contributed in such a way that YOU feel inadequate based on your own shortcomings and haven’t put in any real work that should be recognized by your lodge members…


See, after what I have observed these many years, coupled with personal mistreatment I have received from the hands of other Freemasons (in name only), my own sons want nothing to do with a fraternal organization that my own family has belonged to for at least 6 generations, which would make them the 7th generation if they ever choose to make that life-changing step.


I also am hesitant to encourage anyone else to join an organization that is so political over positions and trinkets, that I often feel better suggesting that suitable men volunteer their time at a local library as a reading tutor or other meaningful service before I would encourage Masonic membership to anyone.


Now, the optimist in me knows that the points I have addressed are all fixable. We can get our proverbial acts together, or keep waiting on enough of these old racist bastards to die. Death won’t resolve any issues if that same unacceptable mindset is allowed to dominate our lodges.


The treachery must be done away with, and replaced with true Brotherhood and Equality — the equality of ALL Freemasons is paramount, and if you can’t wrap your head around that concept, YOU shouldn’t be a Freemason!!!


I will part for now as I have some other pressing matters that require my attention.


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2 thoughts on “Masonic Brotherhood, or Masonic Treachery?

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Good day my brother, my name is Nathaniel, I am a second generation MM after my father. I just wanted to touch base and say that for what is pouring out of your heart at this time about what is going on in many lodges around the country, that not all lodges are represented in this matter you speak of. And that within your heart mind and soul, as a true, upright member you have the power to reshape your area into acknowledging what we are duly obligated to do. I just wanted to shed some light your way in this dark hour that within the enclosed circle of FM there are great contributors to our mission as FM and I encourage you to rather than stand amongst our disgruntled brethren you speak of, stand upright amongst those brothers who share in the same principals and landmarks as you do. “In this time of darkness what is it that you seek???” God bless my brother!

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