Two Scenarios

Raymond Sean Walters Says:

March 16, 2016 at 3:46 pm
I must concur with your statement. I tired of being part of an apostate system that purposely deceived parishioners, and I made a decision to “depart the franchise”… I look at the current state of houses of religious worship as franchises (akin to fast food restaurants), with all of them claiming to be able to build a better Christian while fleecing the membership and lying to the world.

After asking too many questions, and pissing off enough church leaders, I was effectively pushed out of the way for seeking to teach truth in hopes of awakening people’s minds so that they could free themselves from the bondage they were in by following these false teachers of false systems or worship.

Since making that decision to depart what I disapproved of in 2007, I have remained in solitude and continued to study. I can never fully explain to anyone how great it feels as you grow in understanding and no longer have blinders on, the blinders that the modern church seeks to keep on its membership who are so unwilling to study for themselves.

I have followed you and some others in ministry for some time, and appreciate your efforts and sharing of truth.

Thank you so much for doing that Brother.

Raymond Sean Walters, OSL
Departed From the Franchise


Bold Proclaimer

Two Scenaios
by Ronald W. Robey

Two scenarios:

Scenario A: Man enters your place of business and says harm will befall your family if you do not give him a percentage of your weekly profits.
Scenario B: Man stands behind a pulpit in Church and says harm will befall your family if you do not give the Church ten percent of your every paycheck.

The fact is, if the members of the Church would take the time to open their Bibles at home, and study every Scripture, every verse, that has anything to do with tithing, one would find that God’s commanded tithe

a) was agricultural (Lev. 27:30-33)
b) was required of the Children of Israel (Lev.27:34)
c) was not to be observed in any geographical location other than the land of Canaan (Deut. 6:1-3; 12:1,10-11
d) was to be given to Levites, widows, orphans and strangers in Canaan (Num…

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