King Hiram: The Masonic Chief Architect from Crete by Moe Bedard of Gnostic Warrior

This writing takes students places they need to get to, but many of the current schools of esoteric study won’t get them headed in a proper direction or destination.

That system failure I have observed is often due to inadequate instruction, with instructors who are well versed in teaching the Masonic or other esoteric systems in such short supply today that it should be considered a travesty that matters have been permitted to erode and deteriorate the way that they have.

Please remember that there are 7 liberal arts & sciences. We as Freemasons are encouraged to study them all, and in that study it should eventually become apparent to any student of Freemasonry how they inter-connect and interrelate.

Also remember that advancement in Freemasonry, just as in life should be on true merit, not seniority or favoritism. As Freemasons we are to work diligently, learning and perfecting our “craft”, showing ourselves qualified for advancement, that peculiar mark of distinction bestowed upon us by the Craft.

I sincerely hope that you will all enjoy this writing by Bro. Moe Bedard of Gnostic Warrior.



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