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“Why did we ride the goat?” Leviticus 16: vs 20, 21, 22

My question I wish to pose is “why did we ride the goat?”


Leviticus 16 (The Day of Atonement) [New International Version] and connection to Masonic Symbolism:


20 “When Aaron has finished making atonement for the Most Holy Place, the Tent of Meeting and the altar, he shall bring forward the live goat.”

21 “He is to lay both hands on the head of the live goat and confess over it all the wickedness and rebellion of the Israelites–all their sins–and put them on the goat’s head. He shall send the goat away into the desert in the care of a man appointed for the task.”

22 “The goat will carry on itself all their sins to a solitary place; and the man shall release it in the desert.”


The above question (nor Scriptural reference) is/ are NOT intended to provoke discussion of religion, nor offend anyone.

I AM wishing to discuss the symbolic connection, and there is considerable symbolic connection within the degrees of Freemasonry.

Would any Brother care to offer thoughts, opinion, commentary, or view of how these specific 3 verses from Leviticus relate to Freemasonry?

I AM open to varying perspectives from others as this is a current research paper I AM working on for further discussion among some research bodies I hold membership in.

I actually seek dialogue on this topic from you all.



Raymond Sean Walters


I will periodically update and list reference sources that I use regarding this topic and humbly ask that any responses include the same citation of source material that supports views or opinions, following what are considered the established rules for researchers and writers.



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2 thoughts on ““Why did we ride the goat?” Leviticus 16: vs 20, 21, 22

  1. In response to this initial question posted as it is, I will be allowing WBro. Rance R Bell Sr. to share his thoughts from the perspective of Masonic symbolism, and I will expound on and offer perspective that relates to the Gnostic & Kabbalistic symbolism, both of which are contained within the Masonic ritualistic teachings.


  2. Name: Hold the Faith



    Comment: AS I read it, no one rode the goat. With the laying on of hands – sins were metaphorically placed on the Azazel goat and it was led into the desert.

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