A Brief Lesson in Integrity

For those who don’t know me, I first entered the world of Masonic research in 1994 after joining The Phylaxis Society. I later began genealogical research in 2000 during one of the many research papers I have written over the years.

What started out as a research paper of the symbolism of the Queen of the South degree for the Order of the Eastern Star eventually turned into a reworked explanation of the symbolism of every degree in the OES system including updated and expanded Christian explanations, along with symbolism from more ancient civilizations and belief systems.

By August 2006, I had completed a rough draft and scheduled a meeting with Macoy Publishing & Masonic Supply in Richmond, Virginia. I sat down at a table with a Mr. John Emery, whom I was told was the owner of Macoy. I was also informed he was a Masonic Brother, but I refuse to address him as such, and you will understand why as you continue to read on…

As I discussed my written work and some marketing ideas related to that work, he appeared to listen but didn’t seem interested in much of what I was saying. He was especially critical of my idea of selling the book as a complete work containing all of the OES degrees, as Macoy owned the publishing and copyright of Macoy’s Adoptive Rite OES Ritual and other related works.

Mr. Emery was even more disparaging of my idea of selling what would amount to be a small pamphlet of each individual degree in the OES system for those sisters that may only wish to purchase one specific degree.

That meeting ended, and in my opinion did not go well for me or my project. What did go well was Macoy Publishing’s next catalog that not only contained the OES Ritual normally carried and made available for sale in their catalog, but individual booklets of single degrees, something that Macoy Publishing hadn’t done in the years I had been receiving their catalogs.

I learned a valuable lesson from that meeting, and many other meetings over the years.

I have been asked many times why I AM such a serious-minded but anal jackass when it comes to business contracts, copyright and publishing as relates to my written work and intellectual property?

I trust that the short story I just shared with you all helps give insight and answers to that question.

#PerspectivesofaMasterMason #AMasonicMemoir

 © 2015 The Sophia Trust
 © 2015 Raymond Sean Walters

2 thoughts on “A Brief Lesson in Integrity

  1. Good story, priceless lesson. Ive been researching OES for years and when ready to print, will self-publish for this same reason. Please continue to write and publish in Phylaxis Magazine, I would love to read it.

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  2. Raymond Sean Walters says:

    Sis. Anne Huffman, you and I have previously discussed the written work I discussed in this blog post, in 2007-2008 if I recall correctly.

    That work has just sat in my safe, but I have considered an update of some of that original material. The work started out dealing with the Queen of the South degree specifically, and I would still like to focus the efforts on that primarily when I can make time to do so.

    I AM uncertain about publishing this particular work with any outside publisher, and may self-publish it at some point in the future.


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