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My Initial Thoughts

After 25 years in Freemasonry, I AM continuing to jot notes & list references relating to the two personal book projects I have in play as well as other research papers I AM working on… It is my goal to be finished with these writings by my birthday in July 2015.

Most likely I AM gonna flip some wigs and split some skulls with the details but they’ll get over it since they don’t really have any choice, do they?

Having held membership in both Prince Hall Grand Lodge(s) & mainstream Grand Lodge(s), I can offer a different and unique perspective on many matters that relate not only to Freemasonry and how it may be viewed by members of both Grand Lodges, but the often unknown common ground that is shared between the two; something that certain leaders and members in Freemasonry do not want happening, or they wouldn’t put so much effort into launching attacks to discredit me personally or try to make my Masonic membership and activities difficult the way they do.

I began a journey in 1988 not knowing what to expect or even find. There has been disappointment and at times even disillusionment. I have spent years seeking only to better myself in every way possible, and been mislead purposely by others who took the same vows and obligations I myself took at an altar inside an oblong square.

What I propose to do in these writings is to take any reader along on this journey with me, a journey that has been harrowing at times, and met with a number of pitfalls. I also intend to share the positives, and there were a number of those as well.

One of those positives was the decision to seek out my Masonic ancestors. That decision was to simply find out more about my ancestors through genealogical research than anyone in my paternal family actually knew about, and to locate some basic historical information about their Masonic and community involvement.

What I found has been surprising, and after reflection I came to realize that it offered hope — not just for me or my family members, but hope for humanity as a whole in my opinion. #PerspectivesofaMasterMason #AMasonicMemoir

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 © 2015 Raymond Sean Walters

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